Welcome to Bators Unite!

Welcome to Bators Unite, a new blog set up by a group of chronic masturbators who have united to create a blog centered on male masturbation and penis worship.

Many of you will have followed our individual blogs, but we are pooling our resources (as well as our penises) to bring you a blog which will be updated regularly with all things about masturbation.

We are all chronic masturbators and enjoy spending hours stroking and worshiping our penises – we hope this blog will help feed your masturbation addiction.

Keep stroking guys – and let us know what you think of the new blog!

Geeky Wanker, Pdxbator, Stroke Addict, and Mittler


7 Responses to “Welcome to Bators Unite!”

  1. My first sex was with myself & I enjoyed it s much other sex was just a release. I have in the past jerked odd before a date, screw my date and then jerked off when I was at home again. I have always had a buddy I could jerk off with, even if he , me or both of us were married. Some of my buddies would make it a party. But again we were close as kids and just grew into manhood jerking off. Sometimes we would jerk each other off. The act of men sharing that special something, ‘jerking off’, is a bond that goes way beyond ‘LOVE’. It’s a sharing both enjoy by themselves or with others that are like minded. It starts when a boy are learning what pleasure his cock can give him. All through life be he a soldier or statesman his cock is or should be his greatest enjoyment. Today guys talk about jerking off like who they are making it with was when I was young, 1960. So be proud share your pleasures with others, who knows they may want someone to jerk off with.

    • great post, thx. i have cum to realize that i actually knew i was atracted to masturbation more than any other sex even as a young boy. during all of the exploration years, other guys would share their lust for any and everything else. i was mesmorized by the simple and glorious act of masturbation in itself. i tried to live a normal sex life. just didn’t work for me. the ultimate and greatest sex has always been with myself. i celebrate my solosex openly today. it is my total desire to be the most completely self consumed masturbator that i can possibly becum. i crave masturbation and everything about it. thanks for sharing and thanks for listening. your brother of the batehood

  2. Hi guys, Great idea for a group masturbator’s blog. I’ve been talking with a few guys about this idea too. There needs to be a place to share about what masturbation means to each of us.

    So here’s my story…


  3. Brazilianwanker Says:

    I´m a chronic masturbater too. I enjoy do it c2c. Please add. me Skype: gel6060

  4. After years of “normal” sex life, I rediscovered MASTURBATION, and thank to internet I became a real freak. I stoped making love to be able to MASTURBATE more.
    Since I learned about EDGING, Masturbation got a new dimention for me.
    I do not Masturbate any more to ejaculate, but to wallow in the selfish lust of Masturbation itself. I practice use of sperm retention for several days. During most of my daily masturbation sessions I do not ejaculate, but try, while Edging, to throw sprays of seminal fluid, or drops of thick juice, I eat while Masturbating.
    To drain my sperm reservoir, I ejaculate about once a week, after a very long Edging session (to build up a big amount of sperm).
    I collect it in a container I put in the freezer to use it during my next Masturbation session to taste or to play with.

  5. Rein Whitt-Pritchette Says:

    Have read the comments above. Am truely intune with all of them. I’m an artist. I masturbate while creating my work. I’m embarking on a series of work which I call Penis Portraits. I love my penis so much that I am will to do a painting of it, frame it and hang it on the wall for all to see. Am hoping that other masturator are out there that feel the same. My e_mail is rein [period] wpstudio [@] gmail [period] com. I’m really wanting some support . . . just people to talk.

  6. rodngun Says:

    just joined the site. found it through my connection at bateworld. i am discovering more and more that there are others out there in the big world like me: it is a revelation!

    can’t wait to follow you other bators here.


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