Worshipping penis

The worship of the Penis god has become an increasingly important part of my addiction to masturbation and my life as a solosexual man.

For me penis worship is becoming my religion and I want to explore it further, researching phallic worship in history, writing penis prayers and collecting penis art.

For example, I am interested in Bhutan where people paint penises on their homes as they believe it will help to protect their properties – see picture for an example.

It confirms my view that the penis is all powerful and that as chronic masturbators we should worship the penis as our God.

I hope to write more about this in future blogs but would love your feedback too.



3 Responses to “Worshipping penis”

  1. GooningMy GreaseyCock Says:

    i too at times in Priapan Lust, pursue historic COCK WORSHIP.
    i love this blog. although i do not have an account @bateworld..i wish to bate with you all my Brothers of the CockBate

  2. Cock worship is something I lust after and practice too. I think penis is the prettiest and most impressive works of natural art possible. I happily bow and submit to the power and call of cock. It’s unique shape and magical ability to grow and spurt forth liquid gives it an other-worldly feeling.

  3. I wonder what type is of penis is preferred to paint? There are some many shapes and size to the penis shaft and that head. Is one better than the other?

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