And this is me: Mittler

I am a proud, chronic, gay, male masturbator.

I’m also a true nudist and exhibitionist. I’m always naked at home. That makes me feel free and give me the chance to watch and touch my cock every time I want to do it.

I was 12 years old when i masturbated for my first time. It happened outdoors, in the vineyard of my father… and I still like to do it outdoors.

Masturbation is the the best sex. I like to do it alone or share it with other men, for real or on webcam.

Thanx to Geekywanker for accepting me as a contributor to this blog.



3 Responses to “And this is me: Mittler”

  1. Why the sun glasses? I like to see my cock.

  2. nice blog and nice photo. just here to encourage ur love of the bate. masturbation and anything related to male mastsurbation is my complete obsession. i can only relate to total and complete male masturbation. no other sex makes it for me. i spend hours every day submitting to my luv of the bate. i only want to become a complete and total 100% masturbator. i am MASTURBATION, it feels so damn good

  3. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.

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